At the heart of all business communication is an organisation’s branding. Knowing how to communicate your message through a strong set of brand guidelines that have been well thought out and structured in such a way to make communicating your message to your customers is key in today’s media saturated world. A brand ID full of impact, memorable and engaging has never been more important.



When we build brands we look at all aspects of the business, from what you do and how you do it, who you want to speak to and what you want to say.

Working as part of your team we ask questions about where you started and where you want to get to. We then develop a set of ideas that reflect your journey and what you believe in all wrapped up in a great brand ID.


At T34 we pride ourselves on a depth of knowledge about our areas of expertise, from classical drawing and painting, printing processes, programming through to digital design and websites. The brand is at the base of all of these methods of communication.


Liverpool’s newest family restaurant wanted a homely feel, their owners are Italian and wanted us to communicate the warmth and hospitality of the rolling hills of their homeland making the venue a warm and welcoming destination for all.

What we did

Using a range of muted colours and authentic imagery we developed a brand that the owners fell in love with – to say they were speechless was an understatement .

Are you interested in working with T34 to develop your brand to launch your product or service, or do you want to rebrand your organisation or business to propel it into your next stage of growth?

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